I should probably give up the pretence of posting here weekly, since I have failed to do so for five months. I'll keep to an ad-hoc schedule instead, but I'll carry on with the funky number title thing for kicks.

Brief highlights of the past five months:

  • I went to Louth for political purposes.
  • I've made two lame efforts at parkrun. Unfortunately, I don't operate with much enthusiasm on Saturday mornings, so I haven't made further progress to date. It should have been three efforts, but one attempt was postponed because of bad weather.
  • I went to Portsmouth for work purposes. It was a pretty pointless affair, to be honest.
  • I got the rona, so I spent 10 days working from home instead of the 8 days working from home that I would have ordinarily done. On the plus side, I now have free reign of Europe until Easter Sunday. There's a couple of trips to Ireland already booked for before then.
  • I went to Blackpool for a bit of a social with some former colleagues.
  • I upped the gig count for 2021 by three in the space of a week. That makes four gigs in the year, all to see the same band.
  • Some family members got the rona at Christmas, so I stayed at home instead. I probably enjoyed it more than going to the family.
  • I went away to Whinfell for New Year, where I rode on a Segway. Actual footage here.
  • My social media abstinence has failed yet again, so I'm back on Shitter, Fecalbook and Instatwat. I'm such a slag. It's /aedeyes on all three if you're that bothered.

That about sums up the end of another crappy year. Here's to another, but hopefully less crappy.