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  1. Technical difficulties/improvements

    The Pinebook has died again, but fortunately I managed to make a backup of the webshite files before it conked out. I'll probably reflash the eMMC and then sell it on as it's not reliable enough for my use case.

    I've taken the opportunity to install Python and Pelican on …

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  2. 130-134 (or generally August)

    August 2nd was apparently Social Media Detox Day. I celebrated this event by deleting my Instagram and Twitter accounts. I still have a very limited use for my little-updated Facebook account so that survives for the time being, but I'm still eyeing up the deletion menu.

    The majority of the …

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  3. 125-129

    Finally back to bar service at the pub. I happened to be on the bar on the Monday it all restarted, so had to endure an evening of gawking idiots doing the whole "YERRR FRWEEDUM DAYY!!!!!1!" nonsense. Shit idea of freedom to be honest if there are a metric …

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  4. 123-124

    Took a trip down to London, to use up some annual leave and as I'd booked a cheap room on a flash sale some time ago. Because of this, I didn't realise that there was also some football going on at the same time so there were some England and …

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  5. 120-122

    The main event of the (three) week(s) was Collin's wedding. This required a trip back to Lancashire so the Grannywagon got a bit of a blast over the peaks and around the motorways. The perpetual Smart Motorway (i.e. stupid) roadworks along the M6 have moved slightly north so …

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  6. 116-119

    Coming up to the end of outside only pub trading. I'll be glad to be back inside - both as staff and customer. Britain is not really built for al-fresco dining. Several shifts have seen rain, whilst being under a tent does not mitigate cold or wind. It'll still be table …

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  7. 114-115

    The sun visor on the Grannywagon snapped off. I resorted to the internet to find a replacement; the best price I could find was ~£45 from a Suzuki spares dealer. Remembering that Splash was also sold by Vauxhall, re-badged as the Agila II, I searched for the same visor with …

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  8. 111-113

    I've carried on spending money on frivolous items, including:

    • an iPod touch: on the basis that I'm looking to yeet off the smartphone, but still require something capable of running the bank app for authorising payments. Also; because I'm crap at remembering to sync the mp3 player with the computer …
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  9. 109-110

    Four weeks to go until things start to open up. I probably won't rush to the nearest beer garden, although if there is space in the Red Lion I'll nip a quick one in whilst I change buses on the way home.

    I bought a shaver that was on offer …

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