The main event of the (three) week(s) was Collin's wedding. This required a trip back to Lancashire so the Grannywagon got a bit of a blast over the peaks and around the motorways. The perpetual Smart Motorway (i.e. stupid) roadworks along the M6 have moved slightly north so I wasn't able to avoid the average speed checks.

I booked a B&B without breakfast - should that be a BnotB? Most of the weekend was spent drinking. The wedding itself was a generally subdued affair, with the guest numbers being reduced to 30 in place of the originally intended 200+. The lack of a proper reception/party was made up by the food being exceptionally good. Congratulations to Jonners and Mel.

I never did get that nice pair of shoes I wanted in part 116-119.

I'd made it a long weekend so I dropped by to see the folks on the way back. The remnants of a shelf of belongings were handed over, along with a bunch of tools from my late grandad's shed that had been kept aside - including a power drill, wood plane, a collection of saws and a pair of shears. I did wonder whether I would use any of these, but a large bow saw came in handy when dealing with some buddleia that had cropped up in the side passage. Always have tools handy.

The pub has returned to table service inside, so similar to the situation in the autumn just gone. Despite the pleasant weather, most patrons take seats inside so dealing with orders is much easier as everything is within sight of the bar. Roll on the return counter service and it will be the enjoyable moonlighting activity it previously was.

I've quit the booze again, and gone so far as to pour the contents of the drink cupboard down the sink. Put simply, I drink far too much and don't know when to stop which then means I go and do stupid things. The final straw came after a session in Leeds with Ricardo: upon arriving back home, I attempted to do DIY whilst exceedingly inebriated (clever, no?) and sprained my ankle falling off a ladder. Gone too far, so need to stop.

I lost another green hat. Never mind, ebay to the rescue - I now have three more! They're only £3.50 a piece so I'm not losing out much when one goes astray, and somebody gains a free hat as a prize if they find where I left it.

The summer is very much here, which means the unique microclimate that is the two floors of the house is very much in operation. Upstairs is ridiculously warm and stuffy, with the heating thermostat reading around 23°C. Downstairs is generally cool and comfortable, with the old heating thermostat that wasn't removed but still shows a readout showing a readout around 19°C. No idea what causes that, but I'm spending more time downstairs as a result. Maybe I should call them the summer and winter floors instead of ground and first?