1. 47-48

    • Following Doc Rob's repairs, the hedge is now fully pruned. This will hopefully keep the letting agent happy for a few months. Maybe, in exchange, they will come and paint my hallway?
    • Twitter, or more precisely the users of Twitter, began to annoy me. Again. I have therefore semi-abandoned my …
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  2. 41-46

    I've been slack of late. This post has been sat in drafts waiting for me to finish it but I've not been bothered to do so. Here goes a catch up, then.

    • There was a beer festival at a neighbouring establishment ("pox-secure" by being pre-book only, two hours max per …
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  3. 40

    • You know how I mentioned about the free money piss-take in Episode 25-38? Guess who isn't coming back now that the gib-me-dats are finishing‽
    • Autumn is approaching. The central heating is starting to kick in in the mornings, and as a Norfern Munkey, I don't keep it set very high …
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  4. 39

    • In another round of "throw some shit and see what sticks", the pub now has to close at 22:00. As well as robbing me of a couple of hours of wage a week, it won't make any difference to the pox. Particularly if everyone is milling the streets looking …
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  5. 25-38

    Another round up because of slack. I'll skim over the main points, with some breakout posts for particular bits coming in the near future.

    • The pub has re-opened, so getting some extra shifts in through the combination of some other staff leaving and the rest not coming back off furlough …
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  6. 18-24

    Another period of slack. A round-up then.

    • I've moved, and have upgraded to a house somewhere in the Sheffield postcode area. I'd been looking at moving before all the coronabollox kicked off - indeed I should have moved the week that all the restrictions were imposed - as I wanted more space …
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  7. 4-17

    So that was a failure. Three weeks then this “regular blogging” malarkey died on its arse. Quite a bit has changed since January, not just because of coronabollox. My laziness hasn’t changed since then.

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  8. 3

    Following last week's credit card farce, I applied for another - Halifax Clarity - and was surprised to be accepted at the same limits as Tandem. There's no cashback, which doesn't really bother me, and no foreign exchange fees, which I do need. Result.

    Started doing Couch to 5K, the main aim …

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  9. 2

    The Grannywagon got though its MOT without too many issues. The garage recommended a flush as the emissions readings were a tad high. This seems to have improved cold running, there's no longer a large white cloud coming out the exhaust for the first mile.

    Gave a blood donation on …

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  10. 1

    The week was generally uneventful, as most of the office had taken the week off. Managed to stretch two day's work over four.

    New Year's Eve was a restrained affair. Couple of pints (the wooden cask OP) at The Alex followed by several in The Pothole. New Year's Day was …

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