1. 111-113

    I've carried on spending money on frivolous items, including:

    • an iPod touch: on the basis that I'm looking to yeet off the smartphone, but still require something capable of running the bank app for authorising payments. Also; because I'm crap at remembering to sync the mp3 player with the computer …
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  2. 109-110

    Four weeks to go until things start to open up. I probably won't rush to the nearest beer garden, although if there is space in the Red Lion I'll nip a quick one in whilst I change buses on the way home.

    I bought a shaver that was on offer …

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  3. 107-108

    Spring is very much approaching. It's pleasing to be going to the office and returning home in daylight. I'll have to mow the grass soon.

    Twister OS Armbian is working rather competently on the Pinebook. In fact, I'm using it now to type this up. There's a couple of tweaks …

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  4. 105-106

    Walking has been the main non-work activity of late:

    • Circuit of Shipley Country Park - 3 miles. Chilly, although little snow on the ground. Some parts of the water table were making a break for the surface, resulting in mud.
    • Matlock to Clay Cross (specifically, to the pub if it were …
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  5. 102-104

    • Winter is here, now with more snow now that I have moved to higher ground. Nothing mega, the most that's fallen is an inch or so, business was therefore unaffected.
    • Apparently, clearing snow off your car before driving it is such an arduous task so you just leave it on …
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  6. 101

    New year, same old shit unfortunately. I'm applying the La Linea numbering method here, hence why the post number has jumped up by 48 places. You'll get over it.

    • The government decided to implement another shutdown. Because the first two worked so well. Guess I'll just have to hide in …

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  7. 49-53

    So there's another year gone. Pretty crap one and all. I aimed to post weekly and managed twelve posts, so averaged monthly. Could have been worse.

    To round off happenings:

    • Another year older. Normally I'd go to the pub on the day and then do something party-like in February or …

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  8. 47-48

    • Following Doc Rob's repairs, the hedge is now fully pruned. This will hopefully keep the letting agent happy for a few months. Maybe, in exchange, they will come and paint my hallway?
    • Twitter, or more precisely the users of Twitter, began to annoy me. Again. I have therefore semi-abandoned my …
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  9. 41-46

    I've been slack of late. This post has been sat in drafts waiting for me to finish it but I've not been bothered to do so. Here goes a catch up, then.

    • There was a beer festival at a neighbouring establishment ("pox-secure" by being pre-book only, two hours max per …
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  10. 40

    • You know how I mentioned about the free money piss-take in Episode 25-38? Guess who isn't coming back now that the gib-me-dats are finishing‽
    • Autumn is approaching. The central heating is starting to kick in in the mornings, and as a Norfern Munkey, I don't keep it set very high …
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