So there's another year gone. Pretty crap one and all. I aimed to post weekly and managed twelve posts, so averaged monthly. Could have been worse.

To round off happenings:

  • Another year older. Normally I'd go to the pub on the day and then do something party-like in February or March to avoid the Christmas Party scene. In this event, the pubs around here were shut (the nearest open with substantial meal establishment being around 35 miles away) so I went to the off licence instead.

  • Attendance in the office was generally low. As a result, I had to both put up and take down the Christmas decorations - admittedly a 200% increase on the usual amount of effort I put into these things.

  • Had a trip out to Derby to get a haircut. Who knows when the next one might be?

  • Had a trip out to Nottingham to give blood. Who knows when the next one might be?

  • Actually, that'll be early March

  • This.

  • Owing to the constant relaxing and tightening of what could and couldn't be done over Christmas, a trip to the Folks was off-radar. Likewise too for Doc Rob, so the 'bubble' (crap name) rules got used to spend Christmas there instead.

  • Also, New Year as well.