• Following Doc Rob's repairs, the hedge is now fully pruned. This will hopefully keep the letting agent happy for a few months. Maybe, in exchange, they will come and paint my hallway?
  • Twitter, or more precisely the users of Twitter, began to annoy me. Again. I have therefore semi-abandoned my unadvertised account - in that I have logged out and removed apps/bookmarks/linked functions but not fully deactivated. I may return in future, but that is unlikely. Short messages will continue to appear occasionally on Mastodon, although I have deactivated the Twitter Crossposter service.
  • Following some encouragement, I've restarted C25K running/jogging/walking quickly. I managed 5K in 45'22", which would indicate that five months of not doing any training has had no ill-effect on pre-slack times.
  • Not much else has occurred. The country re-opens for business somewhat on Wednesday coming, so hopefully some occurrences may occur in the next few weeks.