I've been slack of late. This post has been sat in drafts waiting for me to finish it but I've not been bothered to do so. Here goes a catch up, then.

  • There was a beer festival at a neighbouring establishment ("pox-secure" by being pre-book only, two hours max per session) meaning that there was an overspill of beer veg demanding halves of everything with a CAMRA discount. Or a CAMDRA discunt, more like.
  • Apparently, there is so much work for tradesment at the moment they are willing to work weekends. Therefore, the landlord was able to schedule the annual gas safety check on a Saturday.
  • I've started shopping in Sheffield more often - it's only 30 minutes away - purely to frequent the Beer Central off licence in the Moor Market. Nice people and good range.
  • Richard correctly predicted earlier in the year that there would be another EconomyFuck shutdown. As a result, there were a few last minute trips out:
  • In an effort to use up some of the farcical level of accrued annual leave, a mid week trip to Coventry occurred. The Spoons there were knocking out Jaipur for £1.69 a pint. I think this was the cause of my falling over on the way to the hotel.
  • The following day saw was in Stoke on Trent, for a viewing of Jimmy Cauty's MdZ Estate installation-in-a-box. Well worth a visit if you like weird subersive stuff, it's next location of ~~Leicester~~ Hull. I may well go again.
  • A quick weekend trip to Leeds. Leeds had gone into Tier 2 EconomyFuckLite so to cover our bases, we ventured out to still Tier 1 Harrogate and Knaresborough on the Saturday. Most of the Leeds pubs hadn't bothered opening on Sunday, so most of the day was spent in the new Head of Steam.
    • I may have bought a quite expensive can of imported US beer. Actually, I think I did.
  • Halloween was spent in York. Unknowingly, they'd entered Tier 2 that day and most places were being completely overzealous in their application of the guidelines. As a result, The Humph and The Mullet got most of our trade that day.
  • I bought a hedge trimmer to sort out the green wall in my front yard. It didn't end well. Luckily, Doc Rob was able to attend to apply a repair and the trimmer lives to see another day.