The Grannywagon got though its MOT without too many issues. The garage recommended a flush as the emissions readings were a tad high. This seems to have improved cold running, there's no longer a large white cloud coming out the exhaust for the first mile.

Gave a blood donation on Thursday, taking my total to 51. This was followed by a rather nice curry.

Tandem Bank rather annoyingly decided that from March credit card holders need to pay them £5.99 a month to keep their card, or GTFO. Since for my use case, the cashback and savings interest earned would be less than the monthly fee, I'd be paying for no benefit. The card will be taking a trip through the shredder, and I'll be off come March.

I had to visit the Sheffield garage to do some tech work. Turns out a 'quick job' takes four hours and several phone calls to the ticket machine supplier to get a smart card profile set up.