Another period of slack. A round-up then.

  • I've moved, and have upgraded to a house somewhere in the Sheffield postcode area. I'd been looking at moving before all the coronabollox kicked off - indeed I should have moved the week that all the restrictions were imposed - as I wanted more space to live, a kitchen that wasn't cramped and some outdoor space. Being cooped up, working from home further strengthened the want to move, so as soon as I got the green light I got the move in motion.
  • Work is unending. I currently survive on caffeine and around five hours sleep a night.
  • The post is rather unreliable of late. It's currently taking about two and a half weeks for items coming through the redirection to be delivered, and I've written off a couple of items ever arriving. They're only low value so I probably won't worry chasing them up and will just order them again.
  • I ordered a fridge-freezer for the house. I'm currently being pestered for a review for the item. Im not sure they would appreciate "it keeps my milk cold, the food fresh, and even the light works when I open the door" as an entry.