Coming up to the end of outside only pub trading. I'll be glad to be back inside - both as staff and customer. Britain is not really built for al-fresco dining. Several shifts have seen rain, whilst being under a tent does not mitigate cold or wind. It'll still be table service initially, presumably because pox particles linger around on wooden counters.

The Grannywagon took another animal victim in the form of a badger. On the A61 again, but about a mile up on the other side of Shirland. I'd considered badgers to be relatively sedate and slow, but this one was giving it a good run across the carriageway. Unfortunately not quickly enough though and it went under the tyres. No damage to the motor this time, just some muddy marks on the wing where the badger got bounced.

I've an invite to a wedding next week and so went to dig out my nice shoes to wear. I couldn't find them which would suggest I sent them to the charity recycling when I had the big clear out before the move last year. Looks like I'll have to brave going out to town to pick up a pair in the week.

I've had a re-arrange of hosting facilities. Ghost on the VPS wasn't really cutting it for me and was a bit overkill for what I am using it for (namely writing nonsense posts). I've shifted it over to Neocities for two benefits:

  • I'm able to access it on the work PC - the firewall blocks the deyes.im domain for some reason and I can't be bothered calling IT to fix it.
  • If I decide to sack off the VPS I can still retain this site for little-to-no cost. I rarely look at either of the Pleroma or Pixelfed services so killing it off saves a few quid whilst ensuring nothing of value is lost.