The sun visor on the Grannywagon snapped off. I resorted to the internet to find a replacement; the best price I could find was ~£45 from a Suzuki spares dealer. Remembering that Splash was also sold by Vauxhall, re-badged as the Agila II, I searched for the same visor with a Vaxhall spares dealer and found it for ~£30 instead. I really do mean the same item, Vauxhall had taken the Suzuki part and bagged it without even removing the Suzuki labels. Suzuki branded sun visor in Vauxhall branded packaging

Approaching a year in the house. The rent is going up £20 a month from next month, which is slightly annoying but not bank-breakingly annoying.

Mop Head has progressed onto the next stage of relaxing restictions, which means the pub shifts restarted this week. There are additional tables in the car park and table service only is still in force, so that will have a good return on step counts. 15k on Saturday!