I've carried on spending money on frivolous items, including:

  • an iPod touch: on the basis that I'm looking to yeet off the smartphone, but still require something capable of running the bank app for authorising payments. Also; because I'm crap at remembering to sync the mp3 player with the computer for podcasts, so this can do that automatically.
  • a replacement computer: somewhat linked with the above. My backup Windoze PC for tasks that won't occur on Linux is a bit past it - the BIOS battery is ropey and sometimes loses the time, it has a slow processor and small RAM so runs like a donkey, and is still on Win7 so outside of updates now. I managed to get hold of a Minix thin client PC with Win10 on the cheap, purely because the box was slightly damaged. It's currently plugged into the TV for watching League of Ireland matches, but will eventually end up upstairs in the office.
  • I'll probably write up about these separately, specifically around trying to get the iPod to talk to Linux.

Roberts came around to assist with some DIY. The outhouse doors had swollen over the winter, so one wouldn't open and one wouldn't close. We ended up taking around 8mm off them so that they would fit in the frames. I just neeed to repaint them now to hide the evidence. Hopefully they won't shrink over the summer. Continuing the theme of woodwork, the following weekend I was around at his assisting in the construction of a wood shed.

I had the interview alluded to in the previous episode. Didn't get the job.

The first set of relaxations occurred, so the official 'Stay at Home' line became 'Stay Local'. A walking trip in the peaks was arranged with Dickie P, although some miscommunication occurred as he went to Strines, South Yorkshire whereas I headed to Strines, Cheshire. A quick re-arrangement and a drive over the Snake Pass saw us converge on Ladybower Reservoir instead. Nice weather, so it was fairly busy at the lower levels but the higher ground was quieter. Even up the hills, the noise of boy racers and souped up sports cars was noticeable. What some folks do to be noticed.