Four weeks to go until things start to open up. I probably won't rush to the nearest beer garden, although if there is space in the Red Lion I'll nip a quick one in whilst I change buses on the way home.

I bought a shaver that was on offer in Tesco, further discounted with a £5 voucher they had given me on one of those instant offers that comes out with the receipt. I'd been surviving on wet shaves and a travel shaver for the past few years, so it's good to get a full size unit to do a more thorough job.

Applied for a promotion to a management position at work. Part of the interview process is to carry out an analysis of the performance of one of the services and write a report with no more than 2,500 words. I thought I wouldn't get anywhere near that and struggled to make a sensible plan initially, but managed to end up knocking out 2,400 words. I'll await to see how that progresses.

Haven't managed to get out for a walk, as the weather has been wet and windy. It was bad enough to topple the wheelie bins along the street, which made for a noisy evening and a messy morning picking up the trash that had blown into the yard.