Spring is very much approaching. It's pleasing to be going to the office and returning home in daylight. I'll have to mow the grass soon.

Twister OS Armbian is working rather competently on the Pinebook. In fact, I'm using it now to type this up. There's a couple of tweaks I need to do to make it more complete, but it is more than usable for my shitposting needs.

I had another go at Twitter, to see whether it had got any less annoying since my last effort. It hadn't - installed the app on the fondleslab on Thursday, removed it by Sunday. I'll continue with my previous proven setup of FetchRSS scraping the feeds into Inoreader, although that unfortunately won't work for the couple of protected accounts that I follow.

Mop Head has announced a re-opening plan for the country. Some trips away have been tentatively booked for later in the year, including a wedding (not mine), a conference and a show.