Walking has been the main non-work activity of late:

  • Circuit of Shipley Country Park - 3 miles. Chilly, although little snow on the ground. Some parts of the water table were making a break for the surface, resulting in mud.
  • Matlock to Clay Cross (specifically, to the pub if it were open) - 7.5 miles. Snowy and icy, although I managed to keep upright. Exciting bits included a peregrine falcon munching on some sort of rodent, and icy roads where the surface was still frozen but underneath had thawed so flowing water underneath was visible. Less exciting bits were fields where both the snow and ice had melted, resulting in liquid mud.

In annoying news, Natwest Group (and therefore Royal Bank of Scotland t/a Childs) are migrating over to Mastercard. I'd opened the curent account on the basis that I like to keep both systems on hand in case of outages and I already had enough Mastercards, both debit and credit. My existing Visa cards with HSBC were shortly going to migrate to Mastercard (well, when they were not letting them expire and closing them down), so the move to RBS kept that avenue open. I'm not going to change account again, so I'll probably give it a few months and open a Barclaycard to keep the Visa route open.

I sent the Pinephone to a good home. I'm told that the replacement screen is now fitted and functioning fine. I was contemplating offloading the Pinebook due to its separate ongoing issues, but I've noticed another OS distribution that may or may not have less faults, so I'll give that a go at some point.

Not much else to say really. Work, offy and bed have been the routine for far too long now.