• Winter is here, now with more snow now that I have moved to higher ground. Nothing mega, the most that's fallen is an inch or so, business was therefore unaffected.
  • Apparently, clearing snow off your car before driving it is such an arduous task so you just leave it on and it all falls off in front of the Grannywagon whilst going around a corner/roundabout/straight road. Lazy bastards. I've kept an old, slightly worn windscreen wiper in the boot for such a task, takes mere minutes to do whilst the windows are defrosting. Much safer and as, some weight has been removed, marginally more fuel efficient.
  • The MD made an effort to burn down the office by leaving a potato in the microwave for over 35 minutes. It was beginning to ignite when I removed it into the sink. Don't leave cooking unattended.
  • I attempted to test some GPS traces by travelling on a service bus with a handheld machine. I managed to miss the bus, first by the shopping centre I'd parked in closing the access to the bus station; then, after driving up route to catch it up, by standing at the wrong stop for that particular route. I managed to get the job done by instead walking the route with machine in hand, then getting the correct bus back to where I'd parked.
  • I got around to sorting out the wheel alignment on the Grannywagon. I should apparently see more even tyre wear now. Still noisy though, I'll make sure the replacements are of an alternative brand.