New year, same old shit unfortunately. I'm applying the La Linea numbering method here, hence why the post number has jumped up by 48 places. You'll get over it.

  • The government decided to implement another shutdown. Because the first two worked so well. Guess I'll just have to hide in the house some more then.

  • In another brilliant decision, takeaway beer from pubs is also no longer allowed. The off-licence or, at worse, the supermarket will be getting my beer money for the time being.

  • Managed to get an appointment at the dentist, which was needed as my recessed tooth was almost built up to the top with plaque. Unfortunately, power tools were not available as a result of the pox so the old fashioned method of the pick scraper was utilised instead. There was some blood.

  • The Grannywagon was due its MOT test and service. Passed the test, just an advisory to track the front tyres as they were slightly off balance. I'll sort that out in a week or two.

  • Replacement manager started at work. Seems okay.