The week was generally uneventful, as most of the office had taken the week off. Managed to stretch two day's work over four.

New Year's Eve was a restrained affair. Couple of pints (the wooden cask OP) at The Alex followed by several in The Pothole. New Year's Day was surprisingly hangover free; the empty pizza box I found in the bin likely suggests I got a midnight snack which probably assisted with that.

I meant to buy a new coat on Friday. Upon reaching Nottingham, I found in my email a £5 pound credit for Stonegate's student line of pubs that was expiring that day. This resulted in an inevitable diversion away from the shops

Saturday was spent in Manchester with Pete and a couple of other former colleagues from Blackpool. Apparently, a celebratory drink gets you a reprimand from a former traffic manager; so we had eight.